Prepare for high-demand research careers that help people and communities. The bachelor’s in pharmaceutical science at ACPHS opens the door to rewarding professions with strong starting salaries.


The bachelor's in pharmaceutical sciences at ACPHS is designed to ensure your success with a balance of comprehensive coursework and hands-on technical training experiences.

You’ll learn from experts who have a singular passion for advancing human health. 在其他领域, 我们的教师在癌症遗传学方面有丰富的经验, 药物基因组学, 药物化学, 制药和生物分析.

Work with state-of-the-art molecular analytical tools in our new, multi-million-dollar 斯塔克家庭生物制药教育和培训中心 这是国内首个在药学院开设的此类诊所. 与一名教员共同完成一项论文研究项目, which provides practical training in a wide variety of laboratory techniques and great opportunities to build your professional network. ACPHS is also home to a robust student chapter of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), 被评为全国最优秀的学生分会.

You can tailor your degree to your goals with a choice of specialization:

  • Pre-health (包括医学预科辅修)
  • 研究-intensive for those students interested in further academic training in M.S. 或Ph值.D. 项目
  • 通往工业之路, a developed bioanalytical sciences focus that provides a stepping stone to our one-year 生物制造和生物加工硕士学位.

If you are interested in earning a pharmaceutical sciences master’s degree, 我们提供五年制学士/硕士双学位. 你也可以获得两年的监禁 药学理学硕士.

Side view of students using mortar and pestle to mix compounding ingredients
Most people are familiar with their local pharmacist who dispenses drugs and counsels patients, but few realize that pharmaceutical scientists initiate the process of drug discovery and development.

From vaccines that reduce the rate of infection to drugs that maintain quality of life for those with chronic conditions, 制药科学家对健康至关重要.

药物科学包括药物发现和设计, 临床科学, 药物分析, 药物化学和监管政策. 这需要化学方面的训练, 与药物动力学相关的生物学和数学, 药理学, 药物作用和药剂学的分子基础. 它还包括研究药物优化, 交付, 最佳剂量, 安全, 成果和政策.


为制药科学的职业生涯做准备, you need specialized training that traditional degree 项目 in biology and chemistry do not provide.

Your bachelor’s in pharmaceutical sciences from ACPHS will prepare you for entry-level roles in the pharmaceutical industry by translating knowledge and hands-on training into job opportunities. 另外, your bachelor’s degree is a springboard for most post-graduate degrees including master’s and Ph.D. 项目和进入卫生专业项目, 包括医疗, 牙科, 或者医师助理项目.
A student wearing 安全 glasses and white coat studies lab project on laptop
研究 and Hands-On Learning in the 医药科学 Degree
Real-world learning is a key part of the pharmaceutical sciences program at ACPHS.

Take part in internships and co-op research opportunities with local or national pharmaceutical companies that often lead directly to post-graduate job offers. Work one-on-one or in groups with faculty mentors on hypothesis-based research (capstone) project. We also offer opportunities for teaching assistantships to explore working in an academic environment.

当你选择ACPHS攻读药学学位时, you’ll study in New York’s capital city with access to the College’s 斯塔克家庭生物制药教育和培训中心 (CBET) which explores the application of nanotechnology in drug design and 交付. 我们的学生享有进入三家大医院的独特机会, 一所医学院和纽约州公共卫生实验室. Many also participate in volunteer opportunities at various local institutions such as Albany Medical Center and Capital City Rescue Mission.

Since all our 项目 are focused on human health, faculty members are always active in research. 比如神经科学, 上瘾, 癌症和纳米技术, 你一定会找到一个与你的兴趣相一致的领域.
Many graduates of our bachelor's in pharmaceutical sciences continue to earn a master’s degree 或Ph值.D. Others seek entry-level positions in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries and launch their careers immediately. 

A pharmaceutical sciences degree provides broad flexibility for career pathways in medicine, 研究与产业. Many professionals in pharmaceutical science take part in research experiments that lead to developing new medications. Some contribute by manufacturing and testing new therapies to ensure they are safe and effective. There are also many roles in the sales and marketing divisions of pharmaceutical companies.

With a bachelor’s in pharmaceutical sciences, your starting salary will average $70,000. Further advancing your education increases your earning potential considerably. 随着这个领域的不断发展, 你将为在私营公司谋求工作做好准备, 学术界和政府机构.

作为一个药学专业的学生, you’ll be able to explore your interests through our signature courses and elective offerings.

在第一年, you’ll explore scientific thinking on a range of thought-provoking topics such as eugenics and the ethics of CRISPR technology, expanding the discussion to research ethics and modern health care. 从那里, 你将学习药物化学和药物设计的原理, 以及药物如何在体内传递.

以讲座为基础的大型课程与小班相平衡, which offer more individualized attention and valuable opportunities to collaborate with professors and peers. A hypothesis-based research component can take the form of a one-on-one laboratory project under the mentorship of our research faculty, group-based work in our Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques series, 或者是一个以文学为中心的顶点项目.


Students completing the 药学学士学位 degree at ACPHS may continue at the College to complete the following 项目: