Earn your cytotechnology degree in just 16 months with our accelerated master’s program, 有面对面和混合动力两种选择.


Prepare to make a positive impact on human health with a cytotechnology degree from ACPHS.

良好的病人护理始于准确的诊断. 获得细胞技术和分子细胞学硕士学位, you can acquire the knowledge 和 visual skills necessary to assist the cytopathology team in making accurate 和 specific diagnoses that will aid in the development of appropriate treatment plans for patients dealing with infections, 自身免疫性疾病, 或癌症.

是国内最古老的细胞技术项目之一, ACPHS’ masters in 细胞技术与分子细胞学 program is renowned for its 前沿课程,100%通过率 on the national cytotechnologist certification exam administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC), 和 100%的就业率.

良好的病人护理始于准确的诊断. Cytotechnology 和 molecular cytology involves observing 和 interpreting vital clues at the cellular 和 molecular level, allowing the cytopathology team to make an accurate 和 specific diagnosis that will ultimately aid in developing an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

细胞学是研究活细胞和检测各种感染的学科, 自身免疫性疾病, 和异常,比如癌前细胞和癌细胞. 作为一个有执照的细胞技术专家, you'll act as a cell detective – examining human cellular specimens to explain what is happening within a patient.

Successful cytotechnologists possess strong attention to detail 和 a passion for solving puzzles. 但最重要的是, they share a desire to improve the health of patients – many of whom they may never even see.

医院和私人实验室都有细胞技术专家的工作, 大学医疗中心和政府设施. 因为越来越多地使用细胞学检查来确认疾病, 需要更多的细胞技术专家.
细胞技术是一个不断发展的领域,具有巨大的增长潜力, 和 the dem和 for clinical laboratory technologists is projected to grow 11% over the next decade.

ACPHS的毕业生已经成为成功的细胞技术专家, 实验室主管, 细胞学教育工作者在以下组织工作:

• St. 彼得的健康伙伴 

按工资分配.com, the median cytotechnologist salary with a master's degree is $84,838 - $89,287. Having a master's degree will position you well for advancement into senior laboratory roles as you gain more experience.
亲身或混合? 什么适合我?
Join the close-knit 和 like-minded community at ACPHS to achieve your master’s in 细胞技术与分子细胞学 in-person on our beautiful Albany campus. You’ll get to know supportive 和 accessible faculty who are committed to your success. In just 16 months, you will be poised for a career path as an essential member of a medical team.

Not ready to relocate or settle into a position 和 seeking professional advancement? Our hybrid track allows you to complete the degree with utilizing our satellite extension site locations.

The hybrid track program will deliver didactic content through a combination of online synchronous lectures 和 asynchronous (recorded) lectures, 与全球十大赌博靠谱的平台的同学一起实时学习. You are expected to attend synchronous components of the program according to the schedule of in-person courses taught at the Albany campus. You will also be able to complete the asynchronous components of the program at a time of your choosing.

ACPHS has entered affiliation agreements with the following satellite extension sites that allow you to complete the laboratory/h和s-on component of the program away from the Albany campus in a clinical setting under the supervision of a licensed cytotechnologist. Students can select their satellite extension site location based on proximity to their place of residence 和/or work.

纽约的网站也即将推出. 欲了解更多信息,请联系项目主任, Ms. 詹娜勒布朗

The laboratory/h和s-on component will be delivered through a combination of online 和 in-person activities. Students will need to attend their satellite location daily for instruction 和 h和s-on training. Our expert faculty are trained in using the Quality Matters Rubric to ensure the delivery of a high-quality online educational experience for students.

Clinical laboratories interested in becoming a satellite location for the MS 细胞技术与分子细胞学 program can contact Ms. 詹娜勒布朗.

The cytotechnology 和 molecular cytology master's degree is an accelerated 16-month degree program. 学生8月入学,次年12月毕业.

The 58-credit program split between courses in cytotechnology (25 credits) 和 biomedical sciences (33 credits). 课程包括妇科和非妇科细胞学课程, 细胞病理生理学和组织学, which surveys the biochemical 和 molecular mechanisms underlying disease processes. You’ll take our Flow Cytometry course where you’ll cover topics like machine set-up 和 operation, 荧光染料和荧光, 光谱重叠与补偿, 实验设计, data collection 和 multi-parameter analyses 和 also develop critical skills in fine needle aspiration.
将你在课堂和实验室学到的知识应用到现实环境中. We offer a broad range of clinical rotations to enhance your professional development 和 prepare you with h和s-on skills.

A broad range of clinical rotations are available to enhance your professional development 和 prepare you with h和s-on skills. Students may choose among 40 different ACPHS partner sites to complete their rotations, 他们将在持牌专业人士的指导下在哪里工作. ACPHS' location close to major cities opens a variety of rotation options at locations throughout the Northeast 和 beyond, 一直延伸到加州.

在你的最后一个学期, you will be required to complete a three-credit capstone project that includes four components. 该项目允许您更深入地探索该领域的各个方面, 把你在课堂上学到的东西结合起来, 实验室和你的旋转.